We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization following the principles of democracy, justice,solidarity, equality, citizenship, and volunteering. Our goal is to reduce social exclusion and promote integration of vulnerable groups and tolerance through education, informal and inclusive education.

“Padėk pritapti” has been operating as a multicultural day center for children and youth since 2009. Here, children of Roma, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and other ethnic groups meet daily. Since 2019, we have been operating as an Open Youth Space, in which we promote meaningful youth employment. All “Padėk pritapti” activities focus on education, promotion of social skills, communality, respect for each visitor, trust building, work with families, breaking down of stereotypes, and educating the public.

As we are engaged in advocacy, we constantly cooperate with state institutions, represent the rights of Roma and other families experiencing social exclusion, educate the society by breaking down stereotypes, and invite people to reflect, rethink, get interested, and volunteer.