Working with Youth

We are engaged in educational activities for young people from the age of 14, aiming to help young people integrate into societal life.Since 2019, we have been operating as the Open Youth Space, which is visited by low-motivated young people on Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm. Activities we organize are focused on empowering young people, raising their self-esteem, self-knowledge, cooperation, gender equality, promoting tolerance, volunteering, and discussing topics of interest to them.

In order to create trust-based communication, we pay a lot of attention to:

Opening hours of the Open Youth Space:

The Open Space “Padėk pritapti” includes a dance hall, mirrors, table tennis, table football, mini kitchen, computers, board games.

When working with young people, we aim to show them the diverseness of the world as clearly as possible, to acquaint them with different people, professions, and opportunities. Therefore, we regularly attend cultural events and invite well-known performers, specialists in areas attractive to young people, and organize summer camps.